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At Tea Boat, we do not just deliver another cup of tea, but an experience and a commitment - a commitment of taste, good health and rejuvenation like never before. We have always believed that tea is not just another beverage but an emotion. We understand that a cup of bad tea can ruin your day and a good cup of tea smoothe almost everything - from a bad day at work to a fight with a partner or a mood swing.

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TEA - The National Heartthrob

What makes the love for tea the most romantic one?

Made from infused dried and crushed leaves, boiled in water and prepared to perfection - that is what a cup of tea is all about. Tea comes in a wide variety that are not only refreshing, but are soothing to the mind and heart. Some of these varieties include herbal tea, green tea, black tea, rose tea and so much more.

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Rise of Flavoured Tea.

Rise of a New Era.

Sipping on that warm drink as soon as you wake up, or ending a strenuous day or just relishing it for good company - the love story between Indians and tea is a never-ending one. India is not just the largest producer of tea, but is also heavily consumed within the country. The per capita consumption has been steadily rising for the past 5 decades.

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Tea Boat was initiated keeping in mind Indians’ love for tea. But we can’t do this alone. That is why we are calling upon individuals who are willing to own a Tea Boat Franchise and make people fall in love with our uniqueness and individuality.

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Not All Lovers Come Bearing A Bouquet.
Some Come in Cup And Fill You With Warmth!

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