At Tea Boat, we do not just deliver another cup of tea, but an experience and a commitment – a commitment of taste, good health and rejuvenation like never before. We have always believed that tea is not just another beverage but an emotion. We understand that a cup of bad tea can ruin your day and a good cup of tea smoothe almost everything – from a bad day at work to a fight with a partner or a mood swing.

We use age-old recipes of our ancestors and blend it with our own unique twist to bring to you a cup of warmth and happiness. We have carefully chosen 12 varieties of tasty and healthy teas that are plucked from the best plantations, processed in the top units, prepared to perfection; all of this just to see you sigh with relief after you relish your favourite tea.

Millennials comprise of majority of our consumers and we are readily aware, they hate it when they have little to no option. Hence, despite spoiling them with a wide variety of tea choices, we give them something more to cherish every day. Here’s what we have for you:

  • 12 varieties of deliciously prepared tea
  • Over 9 kinds of coffee that are brewed on point
  • Sweet and spicy mocktails to put you in the right mood
  • Premium milkshakes that will chill your heart and soul